Newbie advice for tyres and inner tubes

So you are a newbie to triathlon and you’re looking for some recommendations for tyres and inner tubes. 

It really depends on what your goal is with the bike. 

Do you just want to get round, particularly if you’re in a long course race?

Are you not very good at maintenance and changing tyres, tubes and that kind of thing?

You just wanna complete the event that you’ve trained for and spent money on entering. 

If that is the case, then you want to get the most bombproof tyres and tubes that you can. 

Something like Continental Gator Skin tyres will be really, really good.

They are not fast, they are slightly heavier, but they will be robust.

You could also fill the inside of the tyre with some sealant so that if there is a nick or a puncture, then that sealant should cover that up and you’ll be able to carry on your race and finish and not be derailed by tyre or wheel problems.

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