I’ve entered my first triathlon and I’m scared

I’ve entered my first triathlon and I’m scared, what do I do? 

This is a question we get asked a lot, so my first response is don’t be scared cuz everyone has to start somewhere. 

You’ve taken your first step. 

So be proud of that. 

Everyone has to start somewhere.

The thing about triathlon is that everyone is so supportive.

When you are in transition, that’s a scary word, I know. 

But we’ll address that. 

Tell someone that you’re a first timer, everyone will help you. 

They’ll come up, they’ll show you how to lay your shoes and your helmet and everything on your bike.

Don’t be scared. 

And also you’ll be wondering, oh, I don’t think I can run all that way. 

That doesn’t matter either. 

You can walk. 

Everyone can walk. 

There is no rule that says you have got to run in a triathlon.

One thing about your first triathlon is that you will achieve a personal best, so you’re guaranteed a good result, and everyone will be cheering you when you cross that finishing line. 

So take your first step. 

Enjoy it. 


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