How to use deep section wheels

I’ve just bought myself some new deep section wheels, I put ’em on my bike and it is scary, what can you do about that? 

Two things. 

One practice on them, try and go out with them while the wind isn’t blowing or there’s not quite as much of a stiff breeze.

It’s really being confident in your position on the bike, trying to balance your weight across it evenly.

Perhaps alter your TT bar so you’re forming it almost like a triangle there.

That will give you the stability to help control the bike and you’re not gonna be moving around at the front. 

Secondly, if you really can’t get on with them, just swap ’em for some less deep wheels.

As much as they might look fancy and you might have been sold about the amount of watts that they’ll save you or give you extra speed?

If you are really careering down the road because you can’t control your bike, you’re just wasting energy that you don’t ordinarily have to waste.

Build yourself up to it, build your confidence up to it, and then you’ll see the benefits.  

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