How to train for steep hills

You might have seen it was the men’s world road race championship in Glasgow. 

When they got into Glasgow on the circuit there, there were quite a few steep hills, notably Montrose street. 

And you might be thinking, how do I get up a hill like that?

And what training can I do to prepare for hills?

Particularly if I don’t live in a very hilly area like we don’t in the edge of South Yorkshire stroke, North Lincolnshire, where the only hills that we have are motorway flyovers. 

Well, the best way to prepare for that is to build bike strength by doing big gear effort, particularly on your turbo.

Or if you’re out riding, riding in a bigger gear than you would need to ride so that you are constantly having to work your cycling muscles a little bit harder. 

And slowing your cadence down, which will build your strength and then help you climb those hills when you actually get to your event. 

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