How do I pace my first triathlon?

How do I pace my first triathlon? 

This is a really good question because there’s a temptation to go a hundred mile an hour from minute one. 

Most people’s first triathlon is a sprint, which will take place more than likely in a pool. 

Because it’s in a pool and you’ve got lane ropes and it’s a set distance, usually 25 meters, that’s a lot easier to pace.

When we are teaching our Athletes to swim and coaching them,we talk a lot about pacing and about how you can actually get to the end without being out of breath and be able to complete your set. 

When you are in the pool, when you get in, don’t set off at a million miles an hour pace, yourself.

You’re gonna go 25 meters, then you’re gonna turn around, and then you’re gonna do another 25 meters and you’re gonna do that 16 times.

That’s a lot easier to pace than going out a hundred mile an hour, get to the end after your first 25 meters, and you’re absolutely shattered. 

You’re thinking, I’ve got abother 15 of these to do.

Remember, pace yourself. 

Get yourself into a a state where you can actually complete this and get out of the pool going to transition. 

Again, don’t race into transition because you need to think, where have I put my bike? 

Where is everything? 

It will be very alien. 

You’ll be all confused because you are in race mode.

Pick a point where you have parked your bike, then get your gear on.

Put a jacket on or some gloves or whatever. 

Get on your bike, obviously, putting your helmet on first, and then as you get on the bike, the way to pace this is to set off and get yourself feeling comfortable because you’ll be all hyped up after the swim. 

You don’t want to go pedaling, and then you’re outta breath. 

What we need to do is for you to get comfortable on the bike and then ramp your speed up to where you are comfortable, what you’ve practiced during training.

When you’re coming towards the end of the bike, slow down a little bit. 

Get yourself orientated as to where you’ve got to park your bike again. 

Get off, Wheel your bike to the designated spot.

When you get off your bike, remember to put your shoes on.

We are doing nice short strides at a reasonable pace. 

Will get you into the rhythm of running.

As we go on, start going a little bit faster and a little bit faster till you get into your race pace because you will have practiced this in training.

If you’ve not practiced it, get a coach like us and we will help you. 

Then we’ve got 5K to run. 

Get yourself nice and steady. 

You will be outta breath, but that’s good because you know that you’re trying. 

You might be able to see the finish line in the distance. 

Then I would say all bets off.

Go for it. 

Because there’s always someone you can pass on the way to the finish line. 

Then when you’re finished, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re a triathlete.

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