How do I get the right wetsuit for triathlon?

Looking at doing a triathlon this year and it’s gonna take place in open water, and you think I need to buy a wetsuit. 

Where do I get one from and how do I make sure it’s the right size? 

The best advice would be to go to a shop and try one on or look on for your local open water swimming venue, where they will often have a selection of wetsuits that you can try on as a tryon day.

Alternatively, you can always get ex demo wetsuits from some of these. 

You can always get ex demo wetsuits from some suppliers and they tend to be a lot less expensive. 

When you’re trying it on for the first time,really pull it up so that everything is really up to your crotch nice and tightly. 

you will then conversely give you plenty of room in your arms and shoulders.

Another little top tip is to try and find as little neoprene as you could possibly can around your shoulders, two millimeters would be absolutely great.

That’ll give you the flexibility that you need to swim, which will help you feel less panicked than thicker, neoprene, which can make swimming seem much harder.

And you wonder what all your training’s gone for.

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