Common Rookie Errors to Sidestep

Common Rookie Errors to Sidestep

What are the typical mistakes people make in their first triathlon, particularly if it’s a sprint triathlon?

Well, the absolute classic, and we’ve all seen it, and probably most of us all done it, is when we’ve come back off our bike and then racked it up, ran back out of transition to go the run with our bike helmet still on.

Easily done. 

You just have to keep to keeping your zone and keeping your thoughts and think, okay, bike racked, helmet off.

Secondly, quite a lot of people will lose their bike in transition because there are probably a lot of similar looking bikes in a very small space.

The way to avoid this is to, if the rules allow, put a brightly coloured map down so you can see where yours is, or try and spot something in the physical landscape that will help you identify it a bit more easily, like, are you near a tree? 

The main mistake people make when they’re doing a triathlon over a short distance is to get quite a bit het up and carried away with it and think it’s the Olympics. 

The Olympic test event is in France this week. 

It is not in Crowle in September. 

Take your time. 

Enjoy it. 

You’ll have a much better occasion than if you get yourself all stressed about having to do everything perfectly and as fast as you possibly can.

If you just take your time, enjoy it and remember to breathe.

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