Big Companies Depart, Small Events Shine: The Future of UK Triathlons

You may have seen in the news that there are lots of big events that are leaving the UK market from 2024.

Ironman Bolton is gonna just become a 70.3, 70.3 Staffordshire’s going, and the World Triathlon series is not coming back to the UK after Leeds and Sunderland have decided not to bid for it. 

Big companies are abandoning the triathlon racing scene in the uk.

Small independent and club run events will still be very much here and they are great value for money. 

They are loved events that the people who put them on really do love and want you as an athlete to get the best out of. 

So go and support your small, local, independent, club run events next year because there are some Ironman type distances, 70.3 distances that these little organizations put on. 

Much more value for money and you are supporting something that is staying in your area or in the UK at least.

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