3 Things To Help You Enjoy Swimming More

One of the things that holds people back most in triathlon is their swimming.

Mainly because this is something that they don’t enjoy, because who really enjoys swimming up and down a black line for 25 metres.

But here’s our top three things that will help you enjoy swimming more,

1. Get some headphones.

When you get headphones you can listen to music

2. Get a Pull Buoy

Take your legs out of the equation and enjoy it.

Some people say this is cheating?

It’s not.

If you enjoy something more, you’ll swim more as a result, you’ll get better and you’ll become less reliant on your Pull Buoy.

3. Go swimming more often.

Because you don’t like it means that you just won’t do it, which means you’ll never get better.

If you go twice a week, go three times a week.

You will improve by more than 50% by doing more volume.

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