The Untold Challenges of Being an Event Director

People think being an event director is really easy.  You’ve swan about on race day with a nice Hi Vis jacket on that says Event Director like lion tamer or something.  But trust me, it is so stressful.  We’re coming up to our Crowle Triathlon on the 3rd of September and the amount of curve […]

Common Rookie Errors to Sidestep

What are the typical mistakes people make in their first triathlon, particularly if it’s a sprint triathlon? Well, the absolute classic, and we’ve all seen it, and probably most of us all done it, is when we’ve come back off our bike and then racked it up, ran back out of transition to go the […]

What is a turbo 

This week we’ve been asked what a turbo is and how do you use them? In Europe, particularly in the Northern hemisphere, it’s starting to get warmer and sunnier, so you’d be more inclined to ride out, but there’s still room for riding your turbo inside, even in the summer to get good quality workouts. […]

Did you watch Kes as a kid?

Hey! Did you watch Kes as a kid? If you don’t know what I mean by the film Kes, go on to YouTube and have a look and especially the PE lesson – I’ve put a link here. I will say at this point, I was never like Billy Casper at school. I was always […]