Winner Small Event of the Year

Small event triathlon of the year winner

Crowle Triathlon is the Triathlon England Small Event of the Year because the event is well managed and welcoming, offering people a great experience, especially those giving triathlon a go for the first time. 

The Untold Challenges of Being an Event Director

People think being an event director is really easy.  You’ve swan about on race day with a nice Hi Vis jacket on that says Event Director like lion tamer or something.  But trust me, it is so stressful.  We’re coming up to our Crowle Triathlon on the 3rd of September and the amount of curve […]

Countdown to Crowle Triathlon

It is now less than a month away from the Crowle Triathlon on the 3rd September at the Axholme North Leisure Centre in Crowle North Lincolnshire.  Our price has gone up now to reflect that we’re getting a bit closer to the timeframe, but if you send us an email we might just be able […]

Big Companies Depart, Small Events Shine: The Future of UK Triathlons

You may have seen in the news that there are lots of big events that are leaving the UK market from 2024. Ironman Bolton is gonna just become a 70.3, 70.3 Staffordshire’s going, and the World Triathlon series is not coming back to the UK after Leeds and Sunderland have decided not to bid for […]