What do I wear and how do I get changed in triathlon?

We’re now approaching pool sprint triathlon time, and you might be wondering, particularly if you’ve never done a triathlon or pool sprint triathlon before, what do I wear and how do I go about doing it? 

Well, you’ve got a couple of choices. 

You can do the swim in the swimming pool in your trunks or in your swimming costume and get changed in transition. 

What I mean by getting changed in transition is not completely getting changed because there’s a no nudity rule in triathlon. 

You can put on your bike shorts or your running shorts and t-shirt in transition, but it’s gotta be over the top of your swimming shorts or swimming costume.

You can wear those, if that makes you more comfortable. 

Or you can get a tri suit, which is specially designed for doing triathlons, so you can swim in that.

It’ll be porous and quick drain so you’ll not be wet on the bike and have a nice little bike, shammy leather that you can sit on and then be able to run quite comfortably in it.

The choice is yours, either your normal swimming costume and get a change in transition or get a tri-suit.

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