Triathlon Training Myth vs Reality

Triathlon Training Myth vs Reality

We’re often asked, how do triathletes train? 

There’s a misconception that Triathletes do all three sports every single day. 

No, we don’t. 

The majority of triathletes are amateurs and we all have jobs, and homes, and husbands, and kids, and wives.

So we have to fit it all in in a certain amount of time.

The maximum number of disciplines that I would train in one day would be two. 

Normally I would swim in the morning and then in the afternoon when I get home, I’d probably do a bike or a run. 

And this is all set out in a specific way so that if I’m doing a hard swim, I wouldn’t be expected to do a hard bike or a hard run.

And again, if you do a hard bike or a hard run, then the next swim that you do or the next bike or the next run that you do would be at an easy pace. 

So get rid of all those misconceptions.

Unless you’re a professional athlete, you will not train all three disciplines in one day.

Majority of people only do one because if you’re just going to do a sprint or even Olympic really, if you put the work in, then you can do that just training one discipline a day. 

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