Triathlon Rules Matter Don't Learn the Hard Way

Triathlon Rules Matter Don’t Learn the Hard Way

You might have seen in the news that a professional Ironman winner got disqualified for having his zipper pulled down, or too far rather.

This emphasizes how important it is for athletes to know the rules of the event that they’re competing in, and for them to be familiar with the rules of the event before they compete in it.

All events will give you a race brief about the quirks and foibles of their particular event, but the general rules of triathlon, be it if you’re doing an Ironman event, or a challenge event, or an event regulated by the British Triathlon Federation.

It is your responsibility as an athlete to know those rules.

Likewise, it’s also your responsibility to know the course. 

Everyone will provide you with maps, and there’ll be signs on the course, but if you get lost, that is your responsibility. 

You should listen to the race brief, look at the race brief provided to you before, and look at the maps that are given to you as well.

Listen to the marshals on the course, because they will try and help you as much as they can, but they’re not there to stop traffic. 

They’re just there to ensure that you are having a safe time. 

The best way that you can familiarize yourself with this is to go to the race briefing because the race director will tell everybody which rules apply.

If you’re not sure what they are, you can go look them up and see how the course that you’re going to operate on is going to work.

Don’t skip the race brief. 

Make sure you read the rules. 

Then you won’t be disqualified if you win your age group.

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