Should you wear a bra or shouldn’t you wear a bra?


When I first started in triathlon 10 plus years ago,  I had no one to ask cuz it was nearly all men.

There were no women that I could ask what I should be wearing specifically, should I be wearing a bra? 

Now I know that’s an elephant in the room, but it needs to be addressed, as we try and get at least 50% of people, entering a triathlon to be a woman.

If you’ve got a Trisuit, some Trisuits have a inbuilt bra, but in my experience, they’re not very good. 

They’re all right if you’re a bit flat chested.

If you’re not flat chested, which majority of people aren’t, then I would suggest getting a really good supportive run bra.

Now, there are two makes that I would recommend. 

There are the Shock Absorber Run and the Runderwear Run Bra.

The Runderwear one is really nice. 

Both of them are really nice and dry quite quickly, but to be fair, once you’re in a race, you don’t care whether you wet or not because you’ve got wet anyway.

The most important thing is for you to be comfortable and having the right bra is very, very important. 

Now if you are not going to wear a tri suit, then you can wear it underneath your swimsuit, and then when you finish the swim, get out and you get into transition, you actually put your t-shirt over the top and off you go on your bike and then on the run.

So dead easy.

So don’t be scared. 

There are people out there who will help and I hope that I have addressed one pressing problem for a lot of women in that should you wear a bra or shouldn’t you wear a bra? 

My advice is always wear a bra. 

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