Reverse Periodization and Triathlon Training

Now it’s the off season in triathlon, you might be thinking how do I train ahead of the next season? 

If you don’t do any duathlons and you’re going into your off season training blocks, then if you were training with us, we would be doing something called reverse periodization.

Which means that in the winter our sessions are shorter, sharper, and more intense.

As we get towards the races next year, they are more like the race that you’re going to be doing as opposed to the traditional periodization method where you’ll do a lot of base in the winter and then the sharp stuff in the summer. 

We do it the other way around with reverse periodization. 

And have had quite a lot of success in doing that.

If this is something you want to have us chat about, drop us a message and we will get back to you.

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