Do I need a TT bike for doing a triathlon?

Do I need a TT bike for doing a triathlon? 

Well, the short answer to that is no, you don’t need a TT bike at all, especially if you’re a beginner. 

All that is required to be able to take part in a triathlon is that you have a roadworthy bike, and we have seen all types of bikes in the triathlons that we’ve organized or that we’ve taken part in.

From mountain bikes with big fat boy tires on the hilliest of courses to bikes with shopping baskets on that we’re only missing a baguette, to all singing, old dancing magnificent TT machines,  fully carbon with disc wheels. 

Well, you don’t need one of those.

Not at all. 

Will it make you go faster?


 What will make you go faster will be the engine that sits on the bike. 

So you train the engine first, then you look about adding equipment later.

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