Finding Affordable Alternatives in the Triathlon Circuit

I’ve been having a look at some races that I might want to do next year and having a look at the cost differential in them.  Just comparing apples with apples, Challenge Barcelona, the Olympic distance is 89 euros.  So that’s probably about £78, something like that.  The London triathlon also run by Challenge Olympic […]

Integrating Swim, Bike, Run into One Seamless Performance

Triathlon is one sport.  You don’t come into it thinking, I’m going to do a bit of training for running.  I’m going to do a bit of training for cycling. I’m going to do a bit of training for swimming.  So that when you get into a race, you think, oh, it’s all going to […]

Cadence Mastery Your Guide to Efficient Running

I’m going to talk about running cadence.  What do I mean by that?  That means the number of steps that you take in a minute.  Why is that important?  The higher the cadence, you should be aiming to be running around 160 steps per minute, because it reduces the time that your feet are on […]

Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon: The Rebranded Go-Tri Experience 

Go-Tri has now been rebranded as Swim, Bike, Run so our monthly duathlon at the Doncaster Cycle Track is now Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon and that will be taking place again at the end of the month.  The last Sunday of the month at nine o’clock at the cycle track at Doncaster, near the Doncaster […]

Don’t fear the swim and run!

People are also really scared about the swim.  Don’t be scared.  You are not Rebecca Arlington or Michael Phelps.  So if you want to swim, breaststroke, swim, breaststroke. Swim whatever stroke that you’ll feel comfortable with. The only stroke that you are not allowed to do in a triathlon is backstroke.  There is a specific […]