A Realistic Approach to Triathlon Training

You might have just come towards the end of your activity season, you’re thinking, I quite fancy giving triathlon a go next year, but you are really worried about how you balance your life with training. 

That is something that most people have concerns about in triathlon, particularly given that the instinct is that you need to do loads and loads of training. 

The truth is you can only get in what you can only get in.

If you have eight hours a week available to you, then that’s the amount of training time that you have available. 

It doesn’t matter the distance that you’re going to be training for.

If that is the time that you reasonably have available at this point in your life, then that’s what we can coach for. 

Having a coachor a training plan, will help you get the most out of that time and keep you on track. 

Where there is no real set time or amount of training that you need to do a triathlon, it’s really just got to be the amount of spare time that you have that you can dedicate to doing triathlon.

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Animis Coaching Team

We're Coaches Jacqui and Oliver Saxon, the Animis Coaching Team.

We are a mom and son coaching team who have changed our lives through the sport of triathlon. We aim to break down the mysteries of triathlon training and show you, the avid traithlete, how simple and flexible it can be so triathlon training really does become part of your lifestyle and not just a hobby.