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Thank you for joining our coaching sessions.

If you haven’t trained with us before then here is a little bit of information that hopefully will help.

You don’t need a coin for the lockers they are free to use, BUT you must take off your shoes before entering the changing rooms.

We have pull buoys and other swim toys that we use in the sessions but we do recommend the ‘Eney Buoy’ which are the best pull buoys on the market.

We do have these to purchase here on the website ( we have had our buoy for 8 years!) we will also recommend specific paddles for you to use outside our sessions and for homework.

We will post homework sessions in the Whatsapp group so please let us have your mobile number so we can add you to the group.

We have a no-stupid-question policy so please do not be scared to ask a question, probably someone else wants to know the answer too.

See you at the first session

Jacqui & Ollie