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Part 1:

What do you do now?

First, get a flight. You’re flying to Faro International Airport, officially Faro – Gago Coutinho International Airport. It’s located four kilometres west of the city of Faro in Portugal.


You’ll want to stay fairly close to where we swim (Quarteira Municipal Pool) and the track, Estudios Municipal or the marina.

You won’t be far from the beach for your afternoons off.

In part 2, we go over accommodations in more detail. 


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We can recommend a couple of agencies in Vilamoura/Quarteira. and Airbnb are great places to search for flats or apartments or a villa if there’s a group of you.

There are a couple of hotels we can recommend like the Dom Pedro or Vila Gale. They are on the pricier side; however, if they’re closer to the beach and if you want a true holiday experience, then one of them would be the way to go. 

It’s completely up to you if you want to go self-catering or not. We don’t provide any food with training. There are lots of lovely restaurants in and around the little squares near the marina that are really inexpensive with really good food. 

In part 3, we go over what to bring and hiring a bike.

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What do you need to bring?

Aside from yourself, you’re going to need a swimming kit, a cycling kit, and a running kit, and a pool buoy because we always swim with a pool buoy. 

We’ll send you a kit list nearer the holiday time so that you know what you need to bring with you.

More importantly, we’ll let you know what we’re bring with us so you don’t have to double up on that. 

Hiring a bike:

If you’re going to hire a bike, then send us an email and we can send you a list of the companies we’ve used in the past. Everybody has different tastes, needs, and budgets when it comes to their bike.

Bringing a bike:

We can recommend a really good taxi company to help get your bike back to your accommodations.

In part 4, we go over what actually do while we’re in Portugal.

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What do we do while we’re here?

We do swimming sessions, cycling sessions, and running sessions. 

We have a plan for the week but if the weather is too hot or rainy, we’ll change the plan. 

Every day, we have a midmorning coffee and chat where we talk about our philosophy about triathlon, why we’re coaching you the way we are, and we all get to know each other better. 

We also have several socials throughout the week so you’re not isolated. We never leave anyone beyond. Everyone who comes to camp is welcome. We don’t have cliques.

If you have any questions at all, please email us:

We’re looking forward to seeing you!  

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