Thank you!

You're set for swimming!
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We hope you’re looking forward to starting your swimming journey!

You might be nervous but you got through that first step and committing.

There’s no need to be nervous. We’ve taught literally hundreds of people like you to be confident front crawl swimmers.

We’ve found that many new swimmers like a nose clip to start with and these can be easily bought from Amazon, Wiggle or even Sports Direct!

We can go over that in person.

All you need in our first session is a swimming costume and a smile😀

You don’t need a coin for the lockers. They are free to use, BUT you must take off your shoes before entering the changing rooms.

Everyone learns at a different pace so please don’t compare yourself with others in the group. We teach the individual not the group. Everyone progresses at their own pace.

Our first session is about being comfortable in the water and breathing so we don’t normally go for the full hour but rest assured you will still have homework!

Watch for an email from us about meet times and correspondance via Whatsapp. 

We normally meet in the small viewing area at the leisure centre at around 6:15 so we can introduce ourselves and meet each other before we go poolside.