You don’t always have to smell like a swimming pool

When you go swimming a lot, particularly for triathlon, you’ll find that your body consistently just smells of chlorine and that can be really annoying both for you and your partner. 

 What can you do to get rid of that chlorine smell from your skin? 

Well, having a shower immediately after you’ve had a swim is really good, but  you’ll probably need some sort of exfoliating agent to give the skin a bit of a rough to try and get chlorine permeation out of there.

Now there are products on the market that you can use and we’re not affiliated with one of them in particular that we’re going to say a brand called Trihard. 

I’ve been using that for probably about two years now in getting the chlorine off my skin, the chlorine out of my hair, and I find it really, really beneficial.

But doubtless, there were other products on the market that you can use, 

You don’t always have to walk around and smell like a swimming pool.

You can do something about it. 

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