Try a Triathlon

If you are thinking, I’d like to try doing a triathlon? 

Then we’ve got some perfect events for you. 

You can start with our GoTri’s, which are low cost, easy, fun, friendly events that we hold every month. 

In the winter months, we hold a Duathlon at the Doncaster cycling track, which is  a run, a bike and a run.

You can even hire a bike from the cycle centre 

If you are wanting to get into triathlon and you just want to take some baby steps, then we’ve got the events for you. 

All you need to do is click the link below and it will take you to the page with all the details on.

Click here for more details.

Picture of Animis Coaching Team

Animis Coaching Team

We're Coaches Jacqui and Oliver Saxon, the Animis Coaching Team.

We are a mom and son coaching team who have changed our lives through the sport of triathlon. We aim to break down the mysteries of triathlon training and show you, the avid traithlete, how simple and flexible it can be so triathlon training really does become part of your lifestyle and not just a hobby.