Navigating the Off-Season To Train or Not to Train?

Navigating the Off-Season To Train or Not to Train?

As we’re getting towards the end of the triathlon season here in the UK, thoughts are turning to, shall I carry on training during the dark nights and dark mornings?

Or am I better just packing it all in and then starting again after Christmas or in the spring? 

I would say no.

You do need a break. 

We always have what we call a fat week, where we don’t do anything and we eat whatever we like. 

Because everybody needs a bit of a break from being super on it. 

Then we get back into it, but we get back into it slowly.

You need to keep your muscle memory and keep your fitness.

We do have to lose a bit of fitness to start building ourselves back up. 

But if you leave it all until the springtime, then you’re opening yourself up for injuries. 

My advice is carry on with your training. 

You can dial it down a little bit. 

You can do other sports as well.

What you should be working on are your weaknesses and that’s where having a coach comes in.

 If you’re looking for some coaching, then that’s what Oliver and I are good at. 

We can help you get over the difficult choices that you have to make during the winter months and get you on the right track for a great 2024.

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