How to recover from a triathlon 

We’re often asked about how you should recover when you’ve been doing a hard training session or you’ve done a triathlon or something like that.

Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune. 

One of the simplest ways that you can recover that helps you recover is having a nice hot Epsom salts bath. 

I know that sounds very old school, but it really, really does work. 

It gets rid of all the toxins and it really helps you relax. 

I personally watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when I do that. 

You can always set your iPad up and watch a program. 

The other thing that you can do is have a good quality protein drink after a hard session or straight after a triathlon. 

Get it ready in your kit bag because that helps to set the muscle repair back, straight away. 

Then you can start doing things that are a bit more expensive, like buying compression wear, or compression sleeves for your thighs and calves.

They’re actually good, but are a little bit more expensive. 

If you want to get really, really expensive, but absolutely worth it is if you have what we call compression boots. 

We actually have got a pair of Myo Master compression legs, you switch them on and it gets rid of all the lactic acid in your legs.

It redistributes blood flow, all sorts of technical things. 

I can tell you they do work. 

You’ve got some good ideas there that cost very little. 

In fact, the best one probably is the hot bath with epsom salt. Good luck with your recovery!

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