Making Waves with Proper Pool Conduct

I want to talk about swim etiquette. This stemmed from when I was having a swim last night and it dawned on me, that either people are ignorant or they just don’t know. If you’re going swimming and somebody is swimming faster behind you and they are catching you up continually, wait at the end […]

Elevate Your Aero Performance with Strategic Training

You might have got yourself an aero bike or put some clip on bars onto your road bike and started to think I’m going to be in the aero position. Are you wondering how you can hold this for the most amount of time that you’ve got available to yourself.  The only real way that […]

A Guide to Setting Clear Triathlon Goals

We need to start the off season by setting some goals for 2024.   I always want them to be specific goals, not  saying, I want to be faster in the swim, or I want to be more powerful on the bike.  That’s not really a specific goal, because you might as well say, how long […]

Tips for Resuming Triathlon Training

If you are thinking of giving triathlon a go again and you’ve not actually swam for a long time? Where do you even start with your swimming again?  The short answer is a local club will have some swimming sessions that are usually beginner friendly or have the ability to be able to take beginners. […]

Why Indoor Training Might Be Your Best Bet

As they say in a HBO TV show that I’m not going to name for copyright reasons, winter is coming and in some parts of the world, winter may already be here.  If you’re in the Northern hemisphere  like we are, that means dark nights and it wanging it down with rain most of the […]

Reverse Periodization and Triathlon Training

Now it’s the off season in triathlon, you might be thinking how do I train ahead of the next season?  If you don’t do any duathlons and you’re going into your off season training blocks, then if you were training with us, we would be doing something called reverse periodization. Which means that in the […]

A Realistic Approach to Triathlon Training

You might have just come towards the end of your activity season, you’re thinking, I quite fancy giving triathlon a go next year, but you are really worried about how you balance your life with training.  That is something that most people have concerns about in triathlon, particularly given that the instinct is that you […]

Your Secret Weapon for Cycling Improvement

To turbo or not to turbo, that is the question.  Now, I am a really big fan of the turbo.  It’s like a game.  If you’re into video games, you’ll know what I mean.  It’s a static trainer. It makes your bike like a trainer in the gym where you can actually put effort in […]

Strengthening Your Weakest Discipline

Now we’re in the autumn, it’s an ideal time, as triathlon races have more or less finished, to think about how you want to work on your weakest discipline.  What do I mean by that?  What don’t you like doing most?  Which of the three disciplines, swim, bike and run, are you the worst at? […]

Navigating the Off-Season To Train or Not to Train?

As we’re getting towards the end of the triathlon season here in the UK, thoughts are turning to, shall I carry on training during the dark nights and dark mornings? Or am I better just packing it all in and then starting again after Christmas or in the spring?  I would say no. You do […]