A Guide to Setting Clear Triathlon Goals

We need to start the off season by setting some goals for 2024.   I always want them to be specific goals, not  saying, I want to be faster in the swim, or I want to be more powerful on the bike.  That’s not really a specific goal, because you might as well say, how long […]

Reverse Periodization and Triathlon Training

Now it’s the off season in triathlon, you might be thinking how do I train ahead of the next season?  If you don’t do any duathlons and you’re going into your off season training blocks, then if you were training with us, we would be doing something called reverse periodization. Which means that in the […]

Common Rookie Errors to Sidestep

What are the typical mistakes people make in their first triathlon, particularly if it’s a sprint triathlon? Well, the absolute classic, and we’ve all seen it, and probably most of us all done it, is when we’ve come back off our bike and then racked it up, ran back out of transition to go the […]

Trust Your Instincts, Not Just Your Smartwatch in Training

Now your fancy watch is telling you that the training that you’ve been doing is unproductive and you’re getting a bit concerned about this.  Well, the question is, should you be concerned about it? And the answer is no.  Definitely not be concerned about it.  Your watch is an algorithm.  It’s just an algorithm. It […]