Aero Cycling Performance: Elevate with Strategic Training

elevate your aero performance with strategic training

Maximizing Aero Cycling Performance: Unleash Your Potential with Strategic Training Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your aero cycling performance on the triathlon circuit? Whether you’ve invested in an aero bike or added clip-on bars to your road bike, mastering the aero position is essential for maximizing speed and efficiency. Let’s delve […]

Your Secret Weapon for Cycling Improvement

To turbo or not to turbo, that is the question.  Now, I am a really big fan of the turbo.  It’s like a game.  If you’re into video games, you’ll know what I mean.  It’s a static trainer. It makes your bike like a trainer in the gym where you can actually put effort in […]

Integrating Swim, Bike, Run into One Seamless Performance

Triathlon is one sport.  You don’t come into it thinking, I’m going to do a bit of training for running.  I’m going to do a bit of training for cycling. I’m going to do a bit of training for swimming.  So that when you get into a race, you think, oh, it’s all going to […]

Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon: The Rebranded Go-Tri Experience 

Go-Tri has now been rebranded as Swim, Bike, Run so our monthly duathlon at the Doncaster Cycle Track is now Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon and that will be taking place again at the end of the month.  The last Sunday of the month at nine o’clock at the cycle track at Doncaster, near the Doncaster […]

Newbie advice for tyres and inner tubes

So you are a newbie to triathlon and you’re looking for some recommendations for tyres and inner tubes.  It really depends on what your goal is with the bike.  Do you just want to get round, particularly if you’re in a long course race? Are you not very good at maintenance and changing tyres, tubes […]

How to use deep section wheels

I’ve just bought myself some new deep section wheels, I put ’em on my bike and it is scary, what can you do about that?  Two things.  One practice on them, try and go out with them while the wind isn’t blowing or there’s not quite as much of a stiff breeze. It’s really being […]

The best bike upgrades to start with

 I want to upgrade the parts of my bike, but I have no idea where to start.  The first place you can start at making upgrades to your bike is your position on it, because for every centimetre that you are able to get lower down at the front end of the bike, that will […]

Bib shorts or trisuit for cycling?

When you are training for a triathlon particularly in the cycle, most people will tend to wear cycling bib shorts because that’s what we buy for riding our bikes more comfortably.  However, particularly as you get towards the racing part of the season, you might think, do I really want to do my races on […]

Are better tires and wheels going to make you faster?

Are better tyres and or better wheels gonna make you faster.  The answer to that question is, yes, they will, but they’re not the biggest bang for buck that you can get when you’re gonna spend money.  If you’re going to spend something, buy better quality race tyres with thin tubes and specific inner tubes […]

How do you fly with your bike? 

How do you fly with your bike?  I don’t mean quite literally, because unless you’re in the world of Harry Potter, that’s impossible.  If you are going to a training camp or you are racing abroad,  or if you live somewhere a bit more exotic and you’re traveling within the country,  How are you gonna […]